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Episode 8: Genetic testing results, early detection and the return of Loretta”

Pops gets the results of his genetic testing. The merits of early detection testing is discussed using barbershop vernacular, and Charles finds out that Loretta is coming back to town.


About Daddy’s Boys

“Daddy’s Boys” tells the story of a widowed father and his sons coming together through fractured relationships when faced with prostate cancer.

PHEN began touring the Daddy’s Boys stage play in 2018 as entertainment to educate about prostate cancer. Performances were held in theaters and mega-churches in 14 cities through 2019. In 2020 the stage play was arranged in four episodes which were streamed online with a high level of viewership. In 2021, new episodes of Daddy’s Boys will be produced on film and streamed to an expanding audience.

Daddy’s Boys is produced by award winning playwright Garrett Davis who specializes in producing entertainment that educates about minority health issues.
Episode 7: “The Family Comes Together Around Pops’ Clinical Trial Participation”

Charles who was against Pops clinical trials participation finally understands the potential benefits and lends his support.  PHEN Launches its “Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally”.

Episode 6: “Introducing Genetic Testing”

Charles meets a young lady at his art gallery who works for a genetic testing company and they talk about the importance of genetic testing for prostate cancer patients and their families. Uncle Bae Bae realizes that he is the father of an adult son.

Episode 5: “Debating Clinical Trials for Pops!”

Pops is considering joining a clinical trial but Charles has some concerns. And Uncle Bae Bae gets a big surprise!

Episode 4: “Can You Stand The Rain”

The entire family comes together and begins to research treatment pathways for Pops and their own futures.

Episode 3: Let Go”

Pops and his boys realize that they need to be there for one another and come together.

Episode 2: “Just Like Your Daddy”

Pops’ youngest son and his girlfriend find that he is as stubborn as his father.

Episode 1: “I’ve Got Prostate Cancer”

Pops learns he has prostate cancer wants to get his boys together despite having fractured relationships.

Musical Performances

Musical performances from episodes 1-4.

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