Daddy’s Boys” Cast

Entertaining to Educate about Prostate Cancer

Garrett Davis

Writer, Producer and Director
Gdavis Productions & Films (GDP)

Garrett Davis is an award winning playwright who specializes in producing entertainment that educates about minority health.   His has also created, “Mama’s Girls” to bring awareness  to diabetes, “Forget Me Not” for Alzheimer’s, “The Lord Will Make a Way”, “Ndugu”, “Temptation”, “Sisters at Heart”, “Clearly Invisible” and “Through the Fire”.

Kenneth Pierce, Sr.


Kenneth Pierce, Sr., is no stranger in the professional singing community and national touring theatrical production world. Pierce has worked with several major playwrights and producers appearing in several productions including those by Michael Matthews. He serves as President of Gdavis Productions & Films overseeing the music for all episodes.

Appears in episodes 1-9

Robert “Dartez” Wright


Robert “Dartez” Wright graduated from North Carolina Central University.  Dartez has been featured in several short films, national television commercials and feature films. He serves as Creative Director for GDP and is featured in several projects including “Sisters at Heart”, “Forget Me Not”, “Clearly Invisible” and “Through the Fire”.

Appears in episodes 1-9

Devonte Wells


Devonte Wells is considered a triple threat in the industry with Singing, Dancing and Acting.  He has worked with the likes of Debbie Allen and been a feature dancer on shows like “The Wiz”. He currently teaches dance at a local High School in Winston Salem, NC and has been in several GDP projects over the years including “The Lord Will Make a Way”, “Ndugu”, and “Temptation.”

Appears in episodes 1-5

Gregory Amos


Jazz Recording Artist Greg Amos is no stranger to the jazz scene having produced several jazz projects. He joined the cast of Daddy’s Boys to give theater goers a fresh view on combining music and theater on stage. When he is not performing across the country Greg enjoys teaching young adults’ music.

Javon Bell


Although having a minor role in “Daddy’s Boys” as a former boyfriend of Loretta, Bell plays the co-lead in the GDP “Project Forget Me Not” and has also been featured in several short film projects by various producers. Bell has been with GDP & Films for over 10 years and is in charge of all logistics during the touring season.

Karen Clark


A singer all her life and married to a gospel artist and producer, Karen has a vocal presence that demands your attention. Her natural stage presence as Loretta combined with the comedic delivery of Robert “Dartez” Wright produced magic on the stage that delivers real life situations that people can relate and learn from in Daddy’s Boys.

Alfred Clemmonts


Alfred Clemonts joined the Daddy’s Boy cast to replace Devonte Wells as Punkin in the theatrical production of Daddy’s Boys but when Daddy’s Boys transitioned to film Alfred became the long-lost son of Uncle Bae Bae.  A very talented singer and lead singer in several bands. Alfred also holds a degree from Wake Forest Divinity School.

Appears in episodes 1-4

Appears in episodes 3-4

Appears in episodes 1-4

Appears in episodes 5 and 6

Deon Jones

“Billy Boy”

Deon Jones possesses an outstanding stage presence and vocal range compared to former greats such as David Ruffin. He is very serious about his craft and is always studying to make himself better. Jones delivers a powerful message as a homeless solider in “Clearly Invisible”.

Davida LaSunshine


One of many familiar faces at the Barn Dinner Theater in Greensboro, NC, Davida has been singing and performing for over 2 decades. Her soulful delivery has kept audiences wanting more for years. She has appeared in several GDP projects including “Sisters at Heart”, “Clearly Invisible”, and “Daddy’s Boys”. She has also been featured in Film Vignettes.

Caiphus “KP” Rice

“Uncle Bae Bae”

Caiphus made his first appearances in the GDP production of “Diary of Sinner” and “The Lord Will Make a Way” which featured grammy nominated singer Ann Nesby and American Idol finalist Scott Savol. In his role of Uncle Bae Bae, he has played a major part in the development of the character with his stylish appearance and humor.

Chase Rivers


Chase Rivers joins the cast of Daddy’s Boys as the new Pops. Chase has vast experience in theater in a plethora of stage productions in the Research Tringle Area. Having been in several productions with Dartez Wright (Charles) makes for a smooth transition of chemistry on stage in Daddy’s Boys.

Appears in episodes 1-9

Appears in episodes 1-4, 6

Appears in episodes 1-6

Appears in episodes 5 -9

Christopher Ross


This was the first major theatrical production Christopher Ross has been cast in.  As a direct result of his performance in Daddy’s Boys, he has found himself in several television commercials and has been cast in a film project. Having served in the military, he was a perfect fit as Sgt. Major in Gdavis Productions & Films project “Clearly Invisible”.

Amanda Simmons

“Doctor” and Voice of Mama

Amanda Simmons has been the Production Manager for GDP & Films for 2 years and oversee’s all productions also working in the Logistics Department. She is
the voice of Mama in “Daddy’s Boys” and plays the role of the doctor. She has also been featured in several other projects including “A Woman’s Gotta Do, What a Woman’s Gotta Do.

Moriah Williams

“Christina Lynn”

Moriah Williams makes an appearance in Daddy’s Boys as Christina Lynn the travel agent who does her best to ease the mind of Pops sons regarding his participation in clinical trials. 

Keon Taylor

“Mr. Jones”

Appears in episode 9

Dayna Fludd


Appears in episodes 1-4

Appears in episode 4

Appears in episodes 5 and 6

Appears in episode 9